Présentation Presse Boucheron

extrait_present_press_boucheron_2017.mp3 Extrait Present Press Boucheron 2017.mp3  (3.98 Mo)

Selection Thématique Science Fiction

01-Stanley Myers- The Martian Chronicles Theme
02-The Dominic Frontiere Orchestra-Control voice intro (The Outer Limits)
03-Various Artist-President speech (BO Prisoner)
04-Dial -Je ne suis pas un numéro (BO Prisoner)
05-Bernard Herrmann-Outer space
06-Dimitri Tiomkin-Flying Saucer Sequence Pt 1 (BO The Thing from another world)
07-Jamshied Sharifi-The ark (Muppets from Space)
08-Alex North-Odysée de l'espace
09-Hans Zimmer - Cornfield Chase (BO Interstellar)
10-Pye Corner Audio-Recrypt
11-Inoyama Land-Glass chaim
12-Boards of Canada - Telepath
13-Harmonic 313-When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence
14-Edourd Artmiev-Extrait (BO Solaris)
15-Jean Jacques Perrey -Indicatif spatial
16-Max Richter - In the Cosmic Lobby
17-Vangelis-Main theme Blade Runner
18-Pass Into Silence - Iceblink (
19-Philip Glass-Colourbox
20-NASA-Quindar Sound 2
21-Villa Nah - Way of The Future
22-Nasa-Apollo 13 Houston we had a problem
24-Solar Bears - Komplex
25-Acid Washed - Heartbeat Maker
27-Harmonic 313-Music Substitute System
28-Ron Grainier-Speedlearn broadcast
29-Woodkid - Falling
30-JFK-We choose the moon with apollo 11 launch
31-Mark Ayres-Sound effects-Apollo Lift off
Photo Florian Maier

select_sci_fiction_.mp3 Select Sci Fiction .mp3  (71.78 Mo)

01-The Beach Boys - Hang On To Your Ego
02-François & The Atlas Mountains-Les Plus Beaux
04-Kakkmaddafakka - Self-Esteem
05-Gast Waltzing-Pureté personnage/Hey Mr Vandamme

Playlist Singulière Mag Psychologie 2014

mix_playlist_singuliere_v1.mp3 Mix Playlist Singulière V1.mp3  (17.8 Mo)

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